Network inventory software
Trogon Network Inventory

Trogon Network Inventory 2.5

Hardware and software inventory explorer.

Trogon Network Inventory will scan entire network and record information about every computer found on your network. Create hardware and software inventory quick and easily! The software will store information, providing you with a comprehensive and detailed reports in just a few clicks. Run Trogon Network Inventory to scan your network, update information about computers and click to generate a network inventory report detailing equipment and software used in each and every computer on the LAN. Read more...

IP MAC address scanner
Trogon MAC Scanner
Trogon MAC Scanner 2.8

IP addresses and MAC addresses scanner.

Trogon MAC Scanner is a necessary tool for efficient network administration and network maintaince. You will always know which computers and other network devices connected to the network, who used them and where they are located. Trogon MAC Scanner compare scan results with database and indicate the difference. You can immediately detect illegal access to the network. You can save scan results database to the file for future network monitoring and maintenance.

Trogon MAC Scanner scan local network and resolve IP addresses and MAC addresses for every network devices. Trogon MAC Scanner use ARP protocol for scan subnet and use multithreading for simultaneous a large number of queries send out. This allows scan networks incredible fast. Read more...

SQL database monitor
Trogon ODBC Database Monitor
Trogon ODBC Database Monitor 1.6

Database connection and query monitor.

Trogon ODBC Database Monitor is the world leading ODBC database connection and query monitoring tool. This software provides you with the ability to check databases connectivity and accessibility utilizing local data sources and optionally SQL queries to verify that your databases are functioning properly. Most major database systems support ODBC, such as: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, Paradox, FoxPro, SyBase, IBM LANDP, DB2.

You may get alert notifications with e-mail, sms, message boxes when database is down or test queries return wrong values. This software provides ability to resolve database problems with SQL queries (starting stored procedures, modifying database tables content) or with external program execution. Read more...

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