Trogon Network Inventory
Trogon Network Inventory
Hardware And Software Inventory For Windows Networks

Trogon Network Inventory 2.5: Asset Tracking and PC Auditing Software

  Scan local network for all network computers in seconds or import computers list from Active Directory.
  Track assets and audit computers without the installation of agent software on remote systems.
  Incredibly fast information collection with the multiconnecting and multithreading technology.
  Friendly user interface and wizards for begginers and powerful methods and settings for power users.

Hardware Inventory

Trogon Network Inventory creates the hardware inventory database for you know everything about computers' hardware. You can view hardware configuration on network computers remotely and track the configuration changes.

Trogon Network Inventory monitors and tracks changes of the following hardware items:

  Hard drives
  CD/DVD drives
  Video controller
  Network adapter
  Keyboard and Mouse
  Ports and IDE Controllers

Hardware inventory
Software Inventory

Trogon Network Inventory will show you all the software installed in your computers: application version numbers, operating system updates, drivers, services, processes and other information:

  Operating system
  Updates and hotfixes
  Startup applications
  Installed software
  Authorized and prohibited software
  Environment Variables
  User accounts and groups
  Current user
  Drivers and services
  Shared Folders
  Multimedia codecs
  Routing table

Use a number of built-in reports that are available in the report builder to display software installations in your network, to list all software from a specific publisher or to list detailed information about operating systems. Configure authorized and prohibited software lists to create reports on the restricted software installed on your LAN.

You can terminate processes, start and stop services, close shared resources on the remote computers.

Software inventory

Inventory Reports

The application creates reports on various data categories with a powerful and flexible report builder. You can select some computers or group and click a report you need for your software and hardware audit. Reports can be exported to a file or printed. You can generate batch of separate reports for all the computers or a single summary report for the selected computers. Trogon Network Inventory has more then 30 report templates. Click here to view full list of available reports. Click to view some examples of reports:


Report print preview

Inventory Changes Log

Trogon Network Inventory tracks hardware and software by saving all configuration changes to the log.

You can select data categories for logging. Inventory log tool also provides the ability to select hardware or software changes by computers, by date and time period or by data category. Trogon Network Inventory can create reports with the selected log data.

Inventory log window

How It Works

Find computers on network Collect data from network computers Create report
Find computers

Find Computers

Scan IP range to find computers or get computers list from network neighbors or Active Directory.
Update data

Get Data From Remote Computers

Collect inventory information from remote computers. It would take just one click!
Create Report

Create Inventory Reports

Generate reports with specific information on any topic of your interest.

System requirements:

Microsoft Windows Logo Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012.


Trogon Network Inventory is priced at $79 per license. The license allows free lifetime upgrades.
See Order/Buy section for more information.

Trial period:

You can download a 30-day demo version and estimate the product features before purchase.
The demo version has disabled print/export report features and it is limited up to 5 computers to scan.

Install and Uninstall:

To install Trogon Network Inventory: download the installer, run it and follow the instructions.
To uninstall Trogon Network Inventory: open the Control Panel, click Programs and Features, select Trogon Network Inventory and click Remove button.

size 1.97Mb

price $79

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